Pamela Silin-Palmer
Decorative Artist, Illustrator and Fine Artist

Paper Products

By Pamela Silin-Palmer

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This Blue Hydrangea paper product collection was designed by Pamela Silin-Palmer for Sunrise Greetings, one of her many signature collections created for distribution by Sunrise.

Detail of stationary portfolio Flights of Fancy collection © Pamela Silin-Palmer '99

red-poppies-collection-1 red-poppies-collection-2
The Poppy Collection... one of the many beautiful paper collections designed by Pamela Silin- Palmer for Sunrise Greetings, 1991 through 2001

Some of the many Paper Products designed by Pamela Silin Palmer for Sunrise Greetings, 1991 through 2001

Pages: 1, 2, 3, 4
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