Pamela Silin-Palmer
Decorative Artist, Illustrator and Fine Artist

Licensed Ceramics

One of a kind, hand thrown, hand painted creamware created by artist Pamela Silin-Palmer for the high-end design market

Licensed Ceramics: 1, 2, 3, 4A, 4B, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 

pig tile mural
Pig Tile Mural © 1995 Pamela Silin-Palmer
Series of Cappucino cups Wild Rose © 1987 Pamela Silin-Palmer for Nordstroms Department Stores
Birthday Platter © 87 Pamela Silin-Palmer

Sets of Dinner services

Scattered Flowers © 1987 Pamela Silin-Palmer
Violets © 1989 Pamela Silin Palmer
chickens_1 chickens_2
Chickens: collector plates and bowl on top of trompe l'oeil chest © 1990 Pamela Silin-Palmer
medieval_bowls medieval_platters
Medieval Platters and Bowls © Pamela Silin Palmer 1990
Blue and White dinnerware © Pamela Silin-Palmer 2000
Pansy dinnerware © Pamela Silin-Palmer 2000
Rabbit Platter © Pamela Silin-Palmer 1991
John Dory platter © Pamela Silin-Palmer 1987
hearts_and_flowers_dinnerware_1 hearts_and_flowers_dinnerware_3
hearts_and_flowers_dinnerware_4 hearts_and_flowers_dinnerware_5
Hearts and Flowers Dinner ware © Pamela Silin Palmer 1987
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