Pamela Silin-Palmer
Decorative Artist, Illustrator and Fine Artist

The Nightingale and the Wind
By Paul Mandlestein
Illustrated by Pamela Silin-Palmer
Rizzoli, NY 1994
All Rights Reserved


The Nightingale and the Wind is a traditional fairy tale with a modern twist. In this tale the Nightingale yearns to leave its captivity and to break free of the velvet robes, jewels, and other luxuries provided by its captor, the Falcon.


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The Nightingale wants to sing its own song and soar high into the sky. And although the door to the cage is closed, it is not locked. Why doesn't the Nightingale leave?

Along comes the Wind, in the form of a powerful but kindly winged lion, who hears the Nightingale's sad song and encourages it to break free.

The Falcon, upon hearing of the Nightingale's wishes, goes mad with fury. After all, it must possess the little Nightingale to fill its own yearnings.

By the end of the story, the Wind, and eternal element of nature, brings the Falcon, the Nightingale, and all the animals of the forest to a new understanding of love and freedom.


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Written by Paul Mandelstein
Illustrated by Pamela Silin Palmer
Rizzoli International Publications, Inc., New York. © 1994
Distributed by St. Martin's Press

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