The Hand Painted Garden
A portfolioof designer wallpaper created for Imperial
(These products are no longer available retail)


The rooms in our homes should reflect our creative spirit -- each a work of art, fresh and inspired, inviting all who enter to share the magic of a warm and joyful atmosphere. The Hand Painted Garden, a collection by renown decorative artist Pamela Silin-Palmer, is full of richly designed florals, vibrant color and enchanted settings, delighting the eye as they transport the imagination. The interplay of palette and pattern creates a variety of choice which is sophisticated yet whimsical.

Transform your room into a charming trellised rose garden, a fairy glen, or a fantasy of hydrangeas; whether country house or city apartment, all can become a breathtaking haven from the outside world. For many years the decorative art of Pamela Silin-Palmer has found a place in elegant homes around the world. The Hand Painted Garden allows you to share the beauty of her exciting vision.


Pamela Silin Palmer © 1997- 2004, All Rights Reserved